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Summary of the product
It prevent the possible accidents by making automatic announcement to move to the safety area when the pedestrians come into the road during the red-light signal. This system also guide the pedestrians in vocally by noticing that the green light signals come in
■ Functions of the product
* Automatic announcement through automatic recognition when pedestrians enters the dangerous area(roads)
* Vocal announcement through the directivity speaker system
* Announcement by text message on the LED display board
* Sending various messages including traffic situation and public message
* Inform impending end of the walking signal to the pedestrians
* Displaying the waiting time of traffic signal

■ Characteristic of the product

▶ Announcement the danger to the pedestrians
Announcing the warning speech by recognizing the pedestrians to enter into the crosswalk during the red-light
Displaying text message on the LED display board of opposite side after making announcement of the warning message. (Preventing traffic accidents)
▶ Minimizing the displeasure due to the noise
Sending text message as “danger” in order to minimize others noise displeasure when some pedestrians does not move to the safety area regardless of consistent warning announcement

▶ Able to install in all crosswalk
It allows free set-up on areas which allows the installation on various types of crosswalks including rectangular, curved and other freaky types. It also has merits that this can set up the detection area on the road

▶ Announcing the impending closure of walking signal
Preventing unreasonable entry on the crosswalk through announcement that informs green light signal is impending to close.
It also prevents the accident by inducing quick crossing through displaying quickly walking image without showing remaining - time

▶ Displaying the waiting time for the pedestrian light
Preventing jaywalking by giving psychological stableness to the pedestrians through sending letter message on LED display board about how much time do they have to wait for the pedestrian light

▶ Announcing the public information
It enables to send various messages such as traffic related information and public information to the people who are waiting for the pedestrian light via the LED display board

▶ Convenience of its management
It enables On-Line monitoring as well as structuring management system

■ Main essential places to install this device
1. Children Protection zone
2. Elderly Protection Zone
3. Crosswalks where there are lots of accidents

■ Convenience of installation and management

▶ There are no worries of being damage or breakdown due to pedestrians or passing vehicle since our products are installed on existing traffic light. There will be also no worries on walking disruption or safety accidents since there is no need to install the facility.

▶ The followings are problems of conventional type of infrared ray sensor way because it is installed in the pedestrian way.
1) Occurrence of waiting in dangerous area such as roads (especially the child)
2) High possibilities of being damaged or breakdown due to external force
3) High possibilities of walking disruption and safety accidents due to facility

■ Product comparison
※ Solving problems of the conventional type of radar sensor method
Product comparison
Method (Conventional) Infrared ray sensor method (Daekyung Inc) Video detection method
Announcing Danger Single vocal warning announcement Vocal warning announcement
(3 times louder, 3 times smaller)
   ⇨ show “Danger” with letter
Preventing Danger [Detecting infrared ray sensor on sidewalk]
Some children waiting on roads not on the sidewalk
[Can detect in 3.5M height ]
Preventing person from entry to the road
(Set-up detection zone in roads)/td>
[Install product on sidewalk]
walking injuries and possibilities of safety accident
[Install product on traffic light]
Completely prevent the possibilitiesof safety accident
Installation Area Difficult to install on curved traffic light Can be installed in all traffic lights
Management Breakdowns or damages often occurs No worries on damaged and low possibilities of breakdownRemote monitoring management
※ Directivity speaker
■ Summary of the product : A special directivity speaker that only makes pedestrians to clearly listen to the sound but the sound is being reduced around so that sound displeasure is being minimized

■ Characteristics

▶ Target directed speakerTargeted pedestrians can clearly listen to the sound, but it is drastically declined at the periphery.

▶ Minimizing the civilian’s displeasure Reducing the sound excluding pedestrian waiting zone, so that it minimize the discomfort to the surrounding people or nearby residents.

▶ Soft and pleasant tone qualityApply the directivity speaker which provides soft & pleasant tone quality unlike super directivity speaker which gives rough sound

■ Product picture and the image of operation
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