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Summary of the product
In the absence of traversers on a pedestrian crossing, the system operates a traffic signal to maintain a smooth traffic flow and only lights a pedestrian when there is a traverser. This system is able to reduces unnecessary social costs. (environmental pollution, fuel consumption, time lag etc.)
■ Functions of the product
* By recognizing the traverser automatically, the green signal will work even if the button is not pressed. (Replaces the existing push-button signal requestor)
* Informs that the pedestrian automatic recognition signal is installed
* Display the waiting time of the gait
* Indicates that the gait will be terminated soon
* Conduct voice guidance using directional speakers
* Display text messages by LED display board

■ Characteristic of the product
▶ Automatic distinguishment between pedestrians and traverser. Through image analysis, it distinguish between fixed objects(parking vehicles, bicycles), moving objects(pets) and people, and then distinguish between pedestrians and traversers. If there is a traverser, it automatically requests a walking signal.
▶ Announcing installation of traffic light that automatically perceive pedestrians Telling pedestrians through text and announcement that they should wait in detection zone in order to turn on the walking signal. (Prevention of jaywalking due to unchanging of traffic light)
▶ Free of installation (Overcoming drawbacks of infrared ray sensor type)
- This device can be installed in all types of crosswalks including rectangular, round style, asymmetrical and even freaky types.
- This system can recognize objects regardless of weather and time of the day.
▶ Announcing the impending closure of walking signal
Preventing unnecessary entry by broadcasting announcement that the remaining time of green signal is not enough, and avoiding accidents by inducing fast crossing through fast walking image without displaying remaining time.
▶ High percentage of detection
- Detection rate : 99.8% (Average on Day-time and Night-time)
- Fulfilling the standard of National Police Agency (Standard : Detection rate: 99.0% or above)
▶ Convenience of management
- Possibility of breakdown & damage is low and installation is easy, since it is installed on the existing traffic lights.
- Allows On-line monitoring as well as structuring control system. (Option)

■ Place where installation is essential
1. Crosswalk with existing pedestrian operating signal.
2. Crosswalks where there are not many pedestrians such as rural areas.
3. Flickering or flickering management crosswalks on night time.

■ Convenience of installation and management
- There are no worries of being damage or breakdown due to pedestrians or passing vehicle since our products are installed on existing traffic light. There will be also no worries on walking disruption or safety accidents since there is no need to install the facility.
- The followings are problems of conventional types of radar sensor style
1) Occurrence of waiting in dangerous area such as roads. (especially the child)
2) High possibilities of being damaged or breakdown from the outside.
3) High possibilities of walking disruption and safety accidents due to facility.

■ Product comparison
Product comparison
Method (Conventional) Signal request by pressing button (Daekyung Inc) Pedestrians Automatic Recognition System
Automatic Perceiving Incapable Requesting signal by Automatically Perceiving the Pedestrians
Automatic Perceiving Guidance Incapable Guides Automatic Perceiving Signal through voice and text message
Risk Managemen Do not function properly since pedestrians do not recognize(Jaywalker: Possibility of accident) Prevention of jaywalking through automatically requesting signal(Reduce possibility of accidents)
Management Finding out problems of breakdown after report from residents → Claim occurs No worry about damage andless breakdown. Remote monitoring and management is also possible (option)

■ Image of the product
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