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Summary of the product
Constant recording system on the crosswalk by utilizing the HD digital camera
■ Functions of the product
* High quality 24hour recording
* The crosswalk is always recorded by the HD quality camera, and recording is done by time, date and the day of week if necessary.
■ Characteristic of the product
  ▶ It is enable to accurately analyze the traffic accidents using recorded video data.
  ▶ Preventing hit-and-run accidents & quick relief through crosswalk recording This system can prevent hit-and-run accidents at     late night or a pedestrian crossing with few people and allows quick relief from injured persons. Because drivers are conscious that the system have a video recording facility.
  ▶ Inducing safe driving and preventing jaywalking
  - Inducing safe driving since the driver perceives there is recording video camera.
  - Preventing jaywalking as well because pedestrians recognizes there is recording camera.
■ Demands of the main installation places
  1. Crosswalks where there are lots of accidents
  2. Crosswalks where there are relatively less pedestrians and cars
  3. Crosswalk with flashing traffic lights in the late night

■ Product image
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