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The system requests the green light after automatically separating the ordinary pedestrian and the user of green signal in the crosswalk where traffic signal is being installed.This system inform the entry of danger space to the people, impending of signal closing and waiting time of signal. Therefore, it will prevent the accident by providing voice guidance on the crosswalk. 
Pedestrian voice guidance system
■ Overview of the product
It prevent the possible accidents by making automatic announcement to move to the safety area when the pedestrians come into the road during the red-light signal. This system also guide the pedestrians in vocal by noticing that the green light signals on.

■ The functions of the product
  1. Making warning announcement when pedestrians came into the road
  2. Announcing the pedestrian the impending signal closing
  3. Preventing the jaywalker by indicating the waiting time for the signal
  4. Notice of the public information

Pedestrians automatic recognition system
■ Overview of the product
Maintaining the smooth transportation flow by managing through the traffic signal when there are no pedestrians on the crosswalk. Besides, it is able to reduce unnecessary social costs (environmental pollution, time and fuels) by turning on the light only when there are pedestrians on the crosswalk.

■ Functions of the product
  1. Automatic separation of the pedestrians and the cross-walker
  2. Announcement of operation on automatic detection traffic signal
  3. Easy to install and manage 
Video recording device on crosswalk 
■ Summary of the product
Constant recording system of the situation on crosswalk through utilizing the high quality digital camera being attached on the product.

■ Functions of the product
1. Continuous recording function on the crosswalk
2. Able to exactly figure out the accurate situation of the accident based on the analysis of the recorded materials. 

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